Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.
— ray kroc

Our classes are open to all ages and abilities, however, please read our class descriptions to ensure you get the best experience. Payment and registration for all classes is done on our mindbody website. 

pure pedal

Our signature ride is 55 minutes and includes warm up, approx 45 minutes of hills, drills, sprints and more, as well as a cool down and stretch. Expect instruction based in the science of real outdoor cycling, as well as, use of POWER/WATTS, RPM, and INTENSITY to get the best results from your time in the saddle. There may be tap backs, jumps, and isolations sprinkled in although the majority of the ride simulates a real ride. Expect to burn big calories!

pedal 45

This is our pure pedal ride condensed. Expect to be in and out in 45 minutes.

pedal rhythm 

This 50 minute ride is slightly different than our others.  The rhythm rider will move in and out of the saddle to beat driven choreography, as well as, jumps, isolations and some upper body work.  Class is appropriate and safe for all levels, including beginners. As with any class, let instructor know if you have any injuries.

pedal basics 

This 45 minute ride class offers the new rider more attention to bike set up, body positioning, explanation of drills, as well as, a more in depth explanation of the console.  The ride can be a great workout for the seasoned cyclist with modifications cued throughout for the less experienced, less aggressive, or more mature rider (60+). It is all about learning to ride to YOUR happy place in this class!

pedal | pilates

You guessed it! 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of mat pilates to work your core and balance your efforts on and off the bike. All levels welcome.

pedal | barre

You guessed again! 25-30 minutes of HIIT cycling and 30 minutes of barre focusing on seat, arms, and core.

barre basics

Barre basics is designed to deepen your understanding of the barre fundamentals. This class will break down the technique, help perfect your form, and take your workout to the next level. Whether you’re a barre veteran or brand new, all clients will benefit from barre basics!

WTF: weights|trx|fight

Want to burn 500-700 calories? Then WTF is for you! This class will incorporate new and traditional weight training principles, TRX suspension training, and kick boxing tactics! ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

happy hour: pedal | yoga

Start your weekend right with a playlist of soulful tracks for 40 minutes of pedaling + 30 minutes of yoga stretching.

pedal | arms | abs

25-30 minutes of HIIT intervals on the bike followed by arms and abs on the training floor. Get a full body workout in 45 minutes!

pedal: theme ride

This 45 or 55 minute ride will include the elements of our pure pedal ride with the added bonus of a theme! Expect to ride hard to the a specific genre of music... ROCK, DISCO, 80's, 90's, TELLURIDE festival bands and more.