life is like riding a bicycle. to keep your balance you must keep moving.
— albert einstein

Following are a few Q&As to help make your experience a great one.  

do I need a reservation?

YES! You must register for all classes.  You can purchase a single class pass, or a package of classes, on your mindbody account on your app or the website. After you complete that purchase you will be able to register for your classes on the mindbody app or website. There are only 10 spots in our studio per class.  We will have a waiting list for each class with up to four people. Please remember to cancel your reservation at least 12 hrs prior if you cannot make the class. Those on the waiting list will be pumped to take your spot!

what is your cancellation policy?

A class must be cancelled 12 hours prior to class w/out penalty. A class not cancelled within 12 hours will be considered a no show and you will be charged for it. We will email customers from the waiting list to fill the class. 

why does it say "CALL" on the app?

It says to CALL because class is FULL and it is outside the 12 hr window to get the waitlist. You can try to get into class though the app or online at another time as often a space will open. 

what is my obligation if I am on the waitlist?

If you put yourself on the waitlist and a spot opens up, you are automatically enrolled in class. You may cancel without penalty per our 12 hr cancellation policy. 

how do I get to the NEW pedal den?

Pedal Den is located at 307 East Colorado Ave. Enter on Willow Street (below Daily Planet)

Please be sure to leave enough time to find us! An instructor will be there 15 minutes prior to every class. Door will be closed at the start of class.

when should I arrive?

New riders must arrive 15 minutes prior to class for proper bike set up. Regular riders are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class and as early as 15 minutes to get settled and choose their bike. Bikes are first come, first serve. 

do I need bike shoes?

We recommend bike shoes if you plan on participating regularly in cycling at the pedal den. Our bikes are compatible with regular sneakers and SPD cleats, which we recommend for a more powerful pedal stroke. 

what should I wear?

Anything you are comfortable sweating in, preferably tight spandex-like pants or padded bike pants/shorts for more comfort. A tank top or beatable workout top highly recommended. 

do you have changing rooms?

There is one bathroom at the pedal den which you are welcome to use to freshen up and/or change before or after class.

I am new to cycling and exercise, is this appropriate for me?

The difficulty of any class is up to your discretion. The resistance knob is located on the bike and you control it. That being said, be sure to have medical clearance from your doctor. Pedal 101 includes more introduction to the bike as well as a modified pace for new riders.

do you have water?

We encourage reusable water bottles therefore only offer a water cooler in the studio. There is a water fountain in the gym where you can fill up and we will have a water cooler in studio soon.

do you offer a student or teacher discount?

Yes, we offer a special $14/ride packages for Telluride R-1 and Telluride Mountain School Teachers and Students. 

can i ride when i am pregnant?

Yes, but please check with your doctor prior to class. Be aware the studio does get hot and your heart rate will go up. Upon your doctor's approval, please monitor your heart rate and pace yourself accordingly. 

do you ever look for new teachers?

Yes, please email us with your certification, experience, and availability to

do you do private parties?

Yes, we can book a party up to eight people with your music selection. A great thing to do for birthdays, bridal parties, or for some good, clean, fun!


For all general inquiries please email us